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The Shooters Shop Mandurah

The Shooters Shop Mandurah, conveniently located in Greenfields, Mandurah WA has up to 320 square metres of space and we stock a full range of Firearms – Shotguns, Rifles. Handguns and accessories including Optics – Riflescopes, Night Vision and Red Dot Scopes, Ammunition and reloading including Federal Field and American Eagle.

The Shooters Shop also stock a full range of Gun Safes, Bags, Slings and Cleaning supplies.

Our large display of Archery equipment includes Bows, Arrows, Accessories with Left and Right packages, Targets, Bow Bags, Slings, Sites, Strings, and Cable.


Firearms, Optics & Accessories. Over 200 Firearms on display



Bows, Arrows & Accessories. Left and Right Packages


Knives, Gun Safes & Spot Lights, Torches and Clothing


Including Federal Field & American Eagle


Firearms, Optics & Ammunition


Firearms, Optics & Ammunition

Over 200 firearms on display including handguns, and a full range of accessories.

Optics – Riflescopes, HG Scopes, Night Vision, Red Dot Scopes.

Great deals on ammo – Federal Field and American Eagle.

Accessories – Gun Safes, Bags, Slings, Cleaning supplies.


Archery – Bows, Arrows, and Accessories



Archery Bows, Arrows, and accessories.  Left & Right packages. Full range of Compound, Recurve, and Long Bows

Essentials – Knives, Gun Safes, Spot Lights, Torches, and Clothing.

Components – Wooden, Alloy, Carbon, Vanes Points, Broadheads & Shafts.

Target Faces, Blocks, and 3D Targets, Bow Bags, Slings, Sites, Rests, Slicencers.


Knives, Gun Safes, Spotlights, Torches, Clothing



Knives – Hunting, Folding Pocket, Fixed Throwing, Food Processing Knives and Collectables.

Gun Safes – Variety of sizes, Fire Resistant, Lokaway Safes, Digital, and Key.

Spot Lights & Torches – LED, Halogen, HID, Handheld and Mounted.

Clothing – Ridgeline, Tactical Pouches, Tactical Equipment & Clothing, Velcro Vests, Back and Range Packs.


Happy Customers

” I feel whenever I enter the store there’s a great range of products to choose from, and the staff are always very helpful. I can recommend The Shooters Shop to everyone! “

Alan Perkins

” I was very impressed with the very pleasant and helpful service I received from The Shooters Shop They have a large range and I can recommend them to anyone looking for Archery equipment. “

Heidi Kennedy

The Shooters Shop

Conveniently located at:  Unit 2, 7 Hampton St, Greenfields, Mandurah WA