The Shooters Shop Mandurah

The Shooters Shop was first established in Mandurah in 1998, with a floor space of 25 square metres. During those times, the firearm industry was on a downward trend as a result of the Government buy-back of semi-automatic weapons.

With the recovery of the sector after the buy-back, we purchased another gun shop in Mandurah and joined the two together and increased the floor space to 120 square metres.

When the Government further tightened firearm licensing procedures, it caused a massive slow-down of licensing and almost brought the business and other firearms sales to a halt. However, a management decision was made to expand more and not allow the changes to stop The Shooters Shop from trading.

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Findus - Shooters Shop in Mandurah

The current location has provided The Shooters Shop up to 320 square metres of space, which has allowed more firearms lines and a full range of Archery products to be added.

We are now able to sell metal detectors, 5.11 tactical clothing, and equipment along with an increased range of firearms, gun safes, knives, ammunition, and scopes.

What now sets us apart from other businesses in the field is that The Shooters Shop has the biggest display in Western Australia and the most diverse range of products. The shop also sends firearms to other parts of Australia.


The Shooters Shop has a qualified gunsmith and manufacturer who can repair, and re-barrel firearms or custom build high-quality rifles for bench-rest grade competition. Staff levels have been increased to three full-time workers who have improved customer service immensely.

The Shooters Shop motto is ‘Shooting for the Environment, Be Safe and Be Responsible”. We also support many shooters clubs with donations and prizes.

We are conveniently located in Mandurah with good access and parking and our trading hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  For more information, please phone us on 08 9581 8920 or send us an inquiry here. We have information on Licencing here and Clubs here

The Shooters Shop - Archery Section